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Posted by STPL on April 6, 2013

Tamil Language:

Tamil is a classic ancient language belongs to Dravidian language group. Over 80 million people speak Tamil Language. Most of them are from south India, and also express some decent numbers in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada and etc.

Tamil Translation:

            On important thing to explain anything to anyone is in their mother language, it will be easier to catch and understand. Same applicable for Tamil also, if contents available in Tamil it will be more attractive. In native Tamil palaces most of the school studies offered only in Tamil. So, maximum of people are able to understand Tamil instead of content available in any other language. Now higher studies are also available in Tamil medium. May be in future this will make a huge demand for Tamil contents translated from other languages.

Translation Quality:

            Anyone can do Translation but only few who know the language pairs as well as able to understand domain of content can give perfect translation. This law applicable for all languages but in Tamil we have to follow some other points. The main point is to understand the difference between Centhamil (Literal) and Kodunthamil (Speak) with dialects words. Usually in Tamil writing we have to follow Centhamil. Also the important to target people in which place the content is going like Sri Lanka, Malaysia etc. In native based Tamil translation no need to follow dialects words but exceptional for some cases on localization.

Rules for Tamil Translation:

  • Must have knowledge in usage of Tamil words. Because maximum cases you can translate a single word into many forms. So, you need the knowledge to pick the right word in right place.
  • Understanding the domain (Content Type). It will help to add the right words on translation. Also it will help for better translation.
  • Considering the native target people. It will help for localizing the content to convey the exact meaning easily.
  • And very important rule is in which medium the translation going to publish. It is like a book, electronic devices, notice, or papers. It will help you to take the style of translation.
  • Targeting specific group people. E.g. If the content goes for Agriculture then you need to follow the style which is more easy for farmers. 



Tamil translation Importance in Business Perspectives:


Before 90’s some translation happened in Tamil language by Government documents and Literature field. After that things changed, now a day due to globalization and growing of technology the world market extended to all over world.

Native Tamil places having the good opportunity for all products. In that the product description available in Tamil, Peoples can easily understand about it results selling will increase easily. For some organizations understands the linguistic part of their products, so they implemented and start gives advertisement notices, user guides in Tamil. Not only product details also like notifications by banks, software tutorials, software user guides also providing by some to better communications and knowledge.


Now, most of the localization industry also required for translation, interpretation and other linguistic operations. In future it will increase due to the decent percentage of consumer market in Tamil native. Especially on technical Translation Services will grow more due to advancing technology and increasing of people to learn such items.   



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